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Friday, September 20, 2019

Gold Finish Egyptian Goddess Bastet Tiny Cat Earrings Charm 0.50" Drop 1.25" USA
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Tiny Egyptian Cat Bastet Amulet Earrings - Egyptian, 940 - 730 B.C. - From Our Museum Store Collection

• Bastet cat charms dangle from French-wires. Cat charm measures: 16mm by 7mm, drop of earrings, 31.75mm, 1 1/4" .
• EGYPT: 940 - 730 B.C. Cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt. They represented Bastet, the cat-headed goddess of Bubastis, a city in the northeastern delta of Lower Egypt. Originally linked to the sun god Re, Bastet came to be associated with the life preserving power of the sun, the protection of women, felicity and joy. Our cat is a reproduction of a faience (glazed earthenware) amulet. Cat amulets were commonly worn on necklaces to invoke the blessing of Bastet.
• Neoclassical design makes an elegant and traditional statement in a modern context by combining contemporary techniques with timeless themes and design elements drawn from the ancient world
• Handcrafted in USA under strict standards of quality and workmanship | Free Gift Packaging | Photos enlarged to show detail | Ethically Sourced | 90 Days Warranty
• Details: Total Weight: 2.5 Grams | Setting: no-metal-stamp, Pewter | Width: 7 mm (0.3in) | Item Length: 31.75 mm (1.3in) | Height: 31.75 mm (1.3in) | Period/Style: Neoclassical | Origin: USA | Condition: New | Includes: Gift Pouch/Bag

Price Item # ZEA420244M
  Total Weight 2.5 Grams
  Condition New
  Construction Crafted
  Origin Usa
  Metal Pewter
  Stamp No Metal Stamp
  Setting Type Other Type
  Setting WT 2.5 Grams
MPN 828E
Style No. 42024
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