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We Make the Process Easy and Fun!
We start with one or more photos, or with a rough sketch and your concept expressed in just a few sentences, and from there we take it to full realization of your dream! You needn't worry about your drawing skills because we'll gather from your descriptions and any photos those elements that are important to you, and then we'll use our vast knowledge of sound jewelry design principles to perfect your design. Custom design is our primary business, and we want to help you create that special ring, brooch, or other jewelry you've always imagined but never could find. There's literally no limit to what we can do, and what amazes our customers most is that we are able to deliver these extraordinary, handcrafted, custom creations at a price below what they'd expect to pay for a mass-produced import! No one can exceed your expectations like we can!

One customer wanted to create a unique ring for his wife to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary. In the concept section of the brief form we use, he said that she has always loved his blue eyes, and that it would be very meaningful if we could create something wonderful around this theme. After a couple of sketches and calls, we came up with the perfect design in cornflower blue sapphire and diamonds, which you can see shown at the right. The couple was delighted.

Diamonds are often a major factor in determining the price of jewelry, and we are a number one source of fine loose diamonds. In fact, our diamond prices are well below the most competitive online retailers, and we urge you to test this. We also have the best sources for color gems, and no one can match our selection or prices in this area.

The simplest way is to bring us a photo. Many of our customers simply browse elsewhere and then let us work from the photo and description. Invariably, our price is significantly lower, the quality is better, and the customer is delighted with the result. You can do this also simply by providing us one or more photos and the specifications of any piece sold anywhere, and we will make that jewelry for substantially less, while meeting or exceeding the gem weights and gem quality of the other piece, and almost always with more gold or platinum. Since most jewelry available online and offline, including "estate" jewelry, is now being made in China, you have the added advantage of knowing that your jewelry is genuine, free from undisclosed contaminants, and ethically sourced. If you are leaning towards a purchase elsewhere, this is how you can be assured of saving money on something you were going to buy anyway. Many of our oldest customers began with us in this way.
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