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European Luxury, Handmade in America
Widest Selection, Best Value
Our custom pieces are meticulously hand-crafted here in Los Angeles, California by our European master artisan-jewelers, many of whom come from families representing generations of fine jewelers. We are committed to excellence, and to consistently delivering a standard of heirloom quality that is worthy to pass on after being enjoyed for a lifetime, and we know that once you try Pricegems you'll appreciate the step up to Domestic Handmade Quality. At a time when tags marked "Made in America" are easier to remember than to actually find, few are able to offer you this standard of luxury.
Manufacturer Direct Pricing
Manufacturer Direct Prices
Pricegems gives you direct access to the finest jewelry at absolutely unbeatable prices, unbeatable because there are no agents or middlemen between you and the manufacturer. The styles you see here are only a sample of our work, as we create new designs every day from inspiration, from imagination, and from the design requests provided by you, our customers. We invite you to bring us your ideas and let us show you how easily we can transform them into reality. You can choose from thousands of certified diamonds and color gems, and we can make the perfect setting in your choice of 14K or 18K white or yellow gold, palladium, or platinum. Whatever your selection, our award-winning European master jewelers will create for you a treasure of outstanding hand-made beauty, and at a price that will amaze.
Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Pricegems warrants to the original purchaser for the life of the product that its jewelry is free from defects in material and workmanship affecting form, fit, and function arising under normal use. Pricegems, at its option, will repair or replace, or issue a store credit for any product determined by Pricegems to be defective. See Full Warranty
Quality Guarantee
Certificate of Authenticity Appraisal
The secret to truly fine jewelry is inspiration of design, quality of materials, and refined craftsmanship. In a word: Art! At Pricegems, quality is our highest priority, and quality is always assured because we maintain rigid standards for gem selection and cutting, and we faithfully adhere to the traditional, time-tested production techniques. We use only fine, natural gems and only high grade natural diamonds, and our luxury hand-crafted settings are scrupulously constructed using ample amounts of gold and platinum for a substantial feel, for a lifetime of wear and beyond, and for a smooth, balanced, and comfortable fit...More
Certificate of Authenticity, Appraisal, Laboratory Certificate
Quality Assurance Guarantee
Every piece we sell is backed by a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and for items costing $200 or more, a Jewelry Appraisal. Every diamond of half a carat or larger includes a registered certificate from a recognized gemological testing laboratory, and of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed...More
Free Lifetime Ring Sizing
Free Lifetime Ring Resizing
That's right! After you purchase a ring at Pricegems costing $500 or more, we'll resize it up to one full size up or down at no charge as often as needed and for as long as you own the ring. You just pay shipping. It's normal for your finger size to change slightly over time, with seasons, or with pregnancy, and local jewelers charge an average of $60; so this service alone could actually save you hundreds of dollars over the years. Note that there may be a charge for the initial sizing at the time of purchase. Check the product page of the particular ring for details.
Trade Up!
Protect your jewelry investment by trading up! Using the Pricegems easy Tradeup option, jewelry you buy now can be enjoyed today and then traded up for new jewelry later! See something you really want that's just a bit out of reach? Why wait? Buy a slightly lesser piece you love and enjoy it now. Then trade up to the one you ultimately want at any time up to one full year after your purchase, and you'll receive a 100% trade-in allowance when you do! You may trade up for any reason, whether your tastes have changed, or you simply want something new. It's up to you! Trading up is smart because it allows you to wear beautiful jewelry right now while preserving what you've spent to be reinvested in even finer pieces down the road! Our upgrade program is a great way to acquire valuable jewelry over time without having to wait, and without financing! While you're building up to the fabulous pieces you adore, you'll enjoy other outstanding pieces along the way as you preserve 100% of your investment with each and every trade! More about TradeUp
Free Signature Gift Packaging
Free Signature Gift Packaging
Every item purchased at Pricegems comes in its own Signature Presentation Box with unsealed gift packaging and ready-to-use card at no extra charge. Optional Holiday gift packaging is available also at no additional cost. The ultra high quality presentation packaging we use is standard, and this is one small example of the way that Pricegems handles all of the fine details without any need for special requests or reminders...More
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
Free standard insured shipping is included on US orders of $150 or more. Expedited shipping is available at a reasonable charge. During checkout, you have the option to select free shipping and pay no additional cost, or you can elect premium shipping using the carrier of your choice for a reasonable surcharge. International orders are shipped at current shipping rates, which are displayed during checkout. US orders less than $150 are subject to a nominal shipping charge of just $2.95. View our Shipping Policy
StretchPay™ 0% Interest Financing
StretchPay 0% Financing
Pricegems is pleased to announce StretchPay™ 0% Interest Financing on select items. Now you can stretch your budget with easy installments and no interest! Simply select the StretchPay™ Payment option (when available) during Checkout, and your installment schedule of monthly payments will be computed automatically and displayed. Your payment schedule also will be emailed to you with your tracking information when your order ships. Your credit card will be billed only for the first installment plus the total of any tax, shipping, and handling. The remaining balance then is billed to your card according to the computed installment schedule beginning 30 days from your date of purchase. Each month, we'll charge your account automatically, so you don't need to do another thing! Each time, we'll send you an email notice one or two days in advance. StretchPay is smart, easy, and convenient...More
Make an Offer!
Each week, Pricegems selects a number of fine products for our Make-an-Offer promotion in order to attract new buyers. As a premier US manufacturer of fine jewelry, we supply hundreds of jewelry stores and chains worldwide, names you’d recognize. In addition, we routinely acquire high quality inventory at distress prices actually below manufacturing cost from various US jewelry manufacturers. This inventory is comprised of hand selected, small-lot collections of fine jewelry at below wholesale prices, and much of this inventory is included in our Make-an-Offer program. The savings are real, but inventory is limited. When you see the Make-an-Offer logo and aqua button by a product, this is a rare opportunity for even greater savings; so go ahead and make us an offer!
Notify Me!
Notify Me
Gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, and precious gems are rare commodities subject to daily price fluctuations. Our pricing model consists of adding a small markup to the actual cost to produce a given jewelry item, and so our prices tend to vary with the market. Also, pieces are randomly selected for price reduction and for our Make-an-Offer programs, which we use to attract new buyers. Therefore, it's advisable to check back regularly for updates and price changes. However, for your convenience we can add your name to the NotifyMe list for any product, and then when anything affecting that product is about to happen you will receive advance notice. Being in this position, you'll be the first to know about any upcoming price changes so you can take appropriate action either before or right after the change occurs. Just click on the aqua "Notify Me" button located below the large product image on every product page.
You Design! We Create!
You Design!
It begins with a drawing or a photo, or with a concept expressed in just a few sentences, and from there it develops into the realization of your dreams. You needn't worry abut your drawing or drafting skills because we'll gather from your descriptions the important elements of your design, and then we'll use our vast knowledge of sound jewelry design principles to perfect it. Custom design is our primary business, and we want to help you design and create that special ring, brooch, or other jewelry you've always imagined but never can find.

In most cases, we start with your sketch or photo, define the color palette, and within 10-15 days you are looking in wonder at the finished creation. Diamonds are a major factor in determining the price of jewelry, and we are a number one source of fine diamonds. In fact, our diamond prices are well below the most competitive online retailers, and we urge you to test this. We also have the best sources for color gems, and no one can match our selection or prices in this area.

Many of our customers simply browse elsewhere and then bring the design to us. Invariably, our price is significantly lower, the result is superior, and the customer is delighted. You may use this method also simply by providing us with photos and the specifications of any piece sold anywhere, and we will make that jewelry for substantially less, while meeting or exceeding the gem weights and gem quality of the other piece, and almost always with more gold or platinum. If you are leaning towards a purchase elsewhere, this is how you can be assured of saving money on something you were going to buy anyway. Many of our oldest customers began with us in this way. Follow this link to find out more and to see photos of some of the many beautiful creations designed by our customers.
Fair Trade
Ethical Sourcing
The essence of Fair Trade can be summed up in 4 basic principles: Fair wages and decent working conditions for workers; tangible benefits to the local community derived from the mining and production of the precious materials obtained from their soil; do no harm to the people or to the environment in the process; and, maintain a monitoring regime to ensure these principles are upheld throughout the production cycle. Pricegems promotes the principles of Fair Trade through its Ethical Sourcing Policy.

Ethical Sourcing
Ethical Sourcing
Pricegems has established an ambitious ethical sourcing regime designed to promote Fair Trade through adherence to strict guidelines pertaining to the gemstones (diamonds and color gems) and precious metals used in our fine jewelry. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy even goes beyond Fair Trade by applying these same ethical standards "downstream" to our customers. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy is as follows: Identify and disclose the country of origin; identify and disclose the nature and extent of treatments used, if any; verify the gemstone as natural and not synthetic; confirm that the gemstone was mined and obtained legally; and, confirm that the gemstone was mined and obtained ethically. The Legal and ethical mining and production of gemstones means that none of the following forbidden practices are involved: (1) Employing underage workers; (2) Subjecting workers to inhumane working conditions, hours, or wages; (3) Human rights violations; (4) Committing environmental destruction; (5) Engaging in smuggling; (6) Supporting terrorism or war; or, (7) Committing any other illegal or unethical practice in connection with the mining, acquisition, or cutting of gemstones. While it is impossible to provide 100% assurance for every gemstone, Pricegems strives to maintain the strictest standard by dealing only with trusted and ethical mine representatives and gem dealers, and by following the advisories of the JVC, RapNet, GIA, AGTA, and similar authorities. Our policy for diamonds exceeds the requirements of the Kimberley Process (KP), and in fact most of our diamonds originate in Russia, not Africa. See the complete statement of our Ethical Sourcing Policy.
100% Safe and Secure Shopping

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Pricegems takes your security and privacy most seriously, and we have implemented a comprehensive security regime designed to earn your trust. Pricegems holds a website identity assurance warranty of $100,000 from IDAuthority. This means that you are insured for up to $100,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. Pricegems also maintains the highest level of security for our site and our data, and we protect your confidential information by employing state-of-the-art technologies and best practices, including the highest 2048 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption); PCI Credit Card Compliance supported by regular intensive scanning; verification through AuthorizeNet, First Data, and PayPal; Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode verification; W3C XHTML and CSS Validation; and, membership with the JVC - the Jewelry Trade's liaison with the Federal Trade Commission. In addition, resides on a cluster of multi-processor, multi-core state-of-the-art servers running RHEL 5 SELinux, which is a hardened Enterprise-class server operating system based on enhanced security. Antivirus software runs constantly and is updated 6 times daily. Each file in our file system is "fingerprinted" using an advanced MD5 algorithm to monitor and prevent unauthorized changes. servers are protected by 24/7 site security maintained with video surveillance and constant presence. Our servers are secured in locked cabinets within locked rooms requiring key access, accessible only to authorized personnel, and server status is monitored constantly. View a more complete list of our comprehensive Security Policy.
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