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Pricegems takes your security and privacy most seriously. Pricegems holds a website identity assurance warranty of $100,000 from IDAuthority. This means that you are insured for up to $100,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. Pricegems also maintains the highest level of security for our site and our data, and we protect your confidential information by employing the following state-of-the-art technologies and best practices:

2048 bit SSL employs 2048 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption by Comodo, the Higher Certificate Authority. 2048 bit encryption is the highest level of encryption technology available on the Web and is the new high standard for ecommerce, recommended by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the CA/B Forum. Whenever you are exchanging sensitive information with, you will notice that the address changes to https://..., and the padlock icon on your browser will be closed, indicating that you are communicating with us over an encrypted secure channel. This means that even if someone could intercept that data it would be meaningless and undecipherable without the key, which is secret and inaccessible. Scientists estimate that it could take a Super Computer years to crack a 2048-bit encryption code without the key, and that's why you can rest assured that your data is protected, safe and secure. is Identity Verified by IDAuthority with warranty assurance up to $100,000. Simply move your mouse over this logo on any page of our site for real-time identity verification with the IDAuthority verification servers.
Safe Site is a certified Credit Card Safe Shopping Site. In association with our credit card banks, Security Metrics regularly scans our servers for all known security vulnerabilities. Pricegems is fully PCI compliant, which assures that your credit card transactions are completely safe and secure. undergoes intensive scanning lasting several hours on a quarterly basis to ensure that high security standards are maintained, and this significantly reduces any risk that this site might be compromised. Click the icons at the left to view the latest scan results.
Online Payments
Verified Merchant You can be confident in knowing that is a verified merchant. Authorize.Net, one of our primary payment processors, is committed to providing the highest level of credit card transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information, and combating fraud.
Acceptance Mark
PayPal Business Pricegems is a PayPal Business Verified Merchant since 1999. We accept PayPal for online transactions of any amount.

Verified by Visa

Mastercard SecureCode
Verified by Visa® and Mastercard® SecureCode™
Pricegems processes through First Data Global Gateway and offers Verified by Visa™ (VbV) and SecureCode™ by Mastercard. These payer authentication systems offer the highest form of security available in eCommerce transactions. VbV and SecureCode, also known as 3DS and 3-D Secure processing, allow you to shop online more securely. Payer authentication validates that the online shopper is the cardholder, and this prevents fraud. Merchants participating in the programs are helping to fight identity theft, and consumers are thanking them by repeat shopping at secure Web sites such as

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
W3C XHTML Validated Our talented site engineers have taken great care not just to create and present a beautiful web site, one we hope you'll find useful, but also to insure that the tens of thousands of lines of code comprising validate according to the latest XHTML standards. Invalid code is code with errors and is less secure, and so by insuring that our web pages validate, data integrity and site security are enhanced.
W3C CSS Validated pages are validated for the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code they contain. Validation means our pages are free of CSS errors, and this helps us to create a more uniform and pleasant user experience, regardless of the type of computer or browser used to view

P3P Compliant
P3P Compliant is proud to be among the first to voluntarily participate in the W3C P3P privacy initiative. The W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) provides a standard way for web sites to communicate about their privacy practices, and many of the most popular web sites now use P3P to conveniently communicate their privacy policies to their customers. Modern browsers include built-in software that allows users to view P3P policies at the sites they visit and then decide. Although compliance is voluntary, sites like that support the P3P initiative promote trust and wider adoption of policies that respect Internet privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information concerning the strict safeguards we take to protect your confidential information.

JVC Member Pricegems is a longstanding member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, which was formed in 1912 to promote the highest standards of ethics and integrity within the jewelry trade. Members are required to maintain strict ethical standards in all aspects of their business, and membership is not offered to everyone. The JVC works closely with the Federal Trade Commission in establishing guidelines for the description of precious metals and gems and for the disclosure of diamond and gemstone enhancements.

Secure Servers
Secure Servers resides on a cluster of multi-processor, multi-core state-of-the-art servers running RHEL 5 SELinux, which is an Enterprise-level server operating system based on enhanced security. Antivirus software runs constantly and is updated 6 times daily. servers are protected by 24/7 site security maintained with video surveillance and constant presence. Servers are secured in locked cabinets within locked rooms requiring key access and acessible only to authorized personnel. Server status is monitored constantly.
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