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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Pricegems warrants to the original purchaser for the life of the product that such jewelry with a purchase price of $200 or more purchased from Pricegems shall be free from defects in material and workmanship affecting form, fit, and function arising under normal use. Pricegems, at its option, will repair or replace, or issue a store credit for any product that is determined by Pricegems to be defective.

The above warranty covers only defects arising under normal use and does not include failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, disassembly, acts of nature, or repairs or modifications made by anyone other than Pricegems or a Pricegems-authorized third-party service provider.

Loss of or damage to center or main stones is specifically excluded and is not covered by this warranty. As with all fine jewelry, proper care must be taken to prevent the loss of and damage to larger stones. This includes regularly checking for loose prongs and loose stones, taking care not to subject stones to shocks, such as by striking against hard objects, and by avoiding inappropriate cleaning chemicals and methods. For more information, see our Jewelry Care Guide for recommended cleaning procedures for different types of jewelry.

For loss or damage not covered by this warranty, a fine jewelry insurance rider is recommended. Ask your insurance agent for more information. Pricegems provides Certificates of Purchase, Authenticity, and Appraisal suitable for insurance purposes. The authenticity of your jewelry and all of its components is covered by our Quality Guarantee, and by our Certificates of Authenticity and Appraisal.

Any claim alleging that any product fails to conform to the foregoing warranty may be made only by the original purchaser and only while such customer owns such product, except when the product has been gifted (not sold), and the original purchaser makes the warranty claim. A copy of this Warranty is shipped with your purchased items.

The secret to truly fine jewelry is inspiration of design, quality of materials, and artistry of workmanship. In a word: Art! At Pricegems, quality is our highest priority, and quality is always assured because we maintain rigid standards for gem selection, and we faithfully adhere to traditional, time-tested production techniques. We use only fine, natural gems and only high grade natural diamonds obtained according to our rigid Ethical Sourcing Policy, and our luxury hand-crafted settings are scrupulously constructed using ample amounts of gold and platinum for a substantial feel, for a smooth, balanced, and comfortable fit, and for a lifetime of wear and beyond.

At Pricegems, we want you to be completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase, and that is why we offer this Limited Lifetime Warranty, which is supported by our unsurpassed standards for materials and workmanship, and complemented by our Quality Guarantee, Appraisal and Certificate of Authenticity. This unprecedented 4-pronged platform of assurance is why you can shop with complete confidence and peace of mind at Pricegems, the name you can trust for quality, service, value, and price.

Effective Date: March 1, 2010
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