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A Personalized Inscription
You can have almost any item purchased at Pricegems custom engraved with a personalized inscription. An Engraving option appears alongside most of our items, but even if this option is not present, custom engraving may still be available. Contact Customer Service by phone, by email, or by Instant Message if this option does not appear for an item you would like engraved.

Where to Specify Your Engraving Text
Once you have selected the Custom Engraving option, along with any other options for your purchase, proceed to Checkout. Checkout is divided into 3 easy steps: Registration, Shipping Method, and Payment. On the third and final step of Checkout, there is a text box entitled "Special Instructions," and it is here that you will specify your personalized inscription to be engraved.

If You Haven't Yet Decided
If you're not sure of the inscription, or even whether to do one at all, then you can provide this information later by email or fax, and a representative will quickly reply to you with a confirmation. Since engraving is done at the last stage of production, taking up to several days to consider your inscription after placing your order will not cause a delay in delivery. Therefore, it's always best to place your order first, even if you're not yet sure of the inscription.

Where the Engraving is Placed
The placement of the inscription depends on the type of jewelry to be engraved, and in each case there is a conventional location we will use unless instructed to do otherwise. Rings normally are engraved on the inside of the band, near the bottom opposite the center stone, if any. Bracelets normally are engraved on the underside. Pendants and brooches may be engraved on the underside, or if they open, they may be engraved on the inside. Earrings normally are not engraved due to limited available surface area, but with certain styles it may be possible.

If the Engraving Text Does Not Fit
Occasionally, the requested text will be too long to be engraved, and in such instances we will advise you as soon as possible. When in doubt, what some customers will do is provide us with two or three versions of their inscription, the first being their preference, with the second and third serving as shortened alternates in case the preferred inscription cannot be done. Normally, up to 15 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces) can be fit inside most rings; however, small ring size and other factors specific to certain styles that reduce available surface area for engraving may lower this number. Rest assured that our engravers are quite capable, and if it can be done then it will be done.

Symbols and Foreign Language Characters
You are free to use any combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and foreign language characters when composing your inscriptions. Mathematical symbols, such as ∞ and ∫, and foreign language alphabets, such as Devanagri, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew, may also be used provided the text is submitted in a large, clear typeface.

Altering an Insription
Inscriptions may be altered or removed from jewelry at any time. Once removed, it will be as though it were never there.

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