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The Widest Selection of Handmade Luxury
Widest Selection, Best Value
After nearly 20 years in business, our first online store was launched in 1999, which officially became Pricegems.com on Valentine's Day, 2000. Now, after more than 30 years in business, we have learned many things, but the most important of all is customer satisfaction, which begins with quality and selection. Our custom pieces are meticulously hand-crafted here in Los Angeles, California by our European master artisan-jewelers, who come from generations of fine jewelers. We are committed to excellence, and to consistently delivering a standard of heirloom quality that is worthy to pass on after being enjoyed for a lifetime. At a time when tags marked "Made in America" are difficult to remember let alone find, we know that once you try Pricegems, you're going to love Pricegems!
Manufacturer Direct Pricing
Manufacturer Direct Prices
The next most important factor is price, and here we excel like no other! Pricegems offers you direct access to the finest jewelry at absolutely unbeatable prices, unbeatable because there are no middlemen between you and the manufacturer. The styles you see here are just a sample of our work, as we create new designs every day from inspiration, from imagination, and from the design requests provided by you, our customers. We invite you to bring us your ideas and let us show you how easily we can transform them into reality. You can choose from thousands of certified diamonds and color gems, and we can make the perfect setting in your choice of 14K or 18K white or yellow gold, palladium, or platinum. Whatever your selection, our award-winning European master jewelers will create for you a treasure of outstanding hand-made beauty, and at a price that will amaze.
Manufacturer Direct Pricing
Unprecedented Quality and Service
The secret to truly fine jewelry is inspiration of design, quality of materials, and artistry of workmanship. In a word: Art! At Pricegems, quality is our highest priority, and quality is always assured because we maintain rigid standards for gem selection, and we faithfully adhere to traditional, time-tested production techniques. We use only fine, ethically sourced and fair traded natural gems and diamonds, and our luxury hand-crafted settings are scrupulously constructed using ample amounts of gold and platinum for a substantial feel, for a lifetime of wear and beyond, and for a smooth, balanced, and comfortable fit

But it doesn't stop there: We also offer dozens of prestige services you just don't find online, services such as a FREE Lifetime Warranty, Free Lifetime Ring Sizing, 0% Interest StretchPay™ Financing, Free Shipping, Free Signature Gift Packaging, Trade Up, Free Appraisal, Certificate of Authenticity, Gemological Laboratory Certificate, Free consultation with a jewelry and diamond expert, our 'You Design!' Program, and much more.
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We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments via LiveHelp or by email at support@pricegems.com.

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